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Amaranthine | adjective

am·a·ran·thine | ˌa-mə-ˈran(t)-thən  , -ˈran-ˌthīn

1a : of or relating to an amaranth

b : Eternally beautiful and unfading; everlasting, undying

2 : of the color amaranth; a shade of reddish-rose

Amaranthine is an exploration of process, family, and self through the use of sculpture, installation, video, and audio. These elements create an experience that travels the process-oriented path of a person attempting to understand the confusion they feel regarding perspective and reality as it relates to their complex familial relationships. The use of unique art-making systems to create each piece adds nuances of time, process, introspection, narrative, and endurance; abstract process-based sculptures lead to a shadowed amaranth-red cave that houses a beautifully-rusted rose garden. This psychological landscape allows for rumination, mainly for the present, but with room for the future as the pendulous-nature of this situation is acknowledged, foreseen, and accepted as being everlasting.

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